Brice Bexter

  • Brice Bexter is proving to be a truly versatile International talent. He will bring his skills to the big screen in three different projects in 2020. Bexter’s major appearance is set to be in the new international political drama “Redemption Day” starring Gary Dourdan, Serinda Swan, Andy Garcia, Ernie Hudson, Robert Knepper, Samy Naceri… Bexter plays one of the lead roles, a top Moroccan secret service agent who assists an ex US marine to infiltrate a terrorist group to save his wife and American hostages. He will also appear as Captain Templeton, a British soldier, on the big screen adaptation of the successful Netflix TV show “Miss Fisher” entitled “Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears” set in the 1930s. Brice will also interpret a brainwashed young American/muslim who returns to Syria to pledge allegiance to ISIS. Centered around a beautiful love story the gritty indie drama “Greetings from ISIS” reunites rising international up- and-coming actors (Ouidad Elma, Mehdi Lamrini…). Brice has also starred on a couple of commercials; his most notable 2 year campaign for a major water brand in Morocco ended in June 2019.
  • His adaptability on screen stems from his real life experiences. Born in Lausanne, Switzerland from a French/Moroccan mother and British/Czech father, Bexter was raised by his grandparents in Morocco. His multicultural upbringing has further allowed him to play diverse characters from various backgrounds which has been attracting the attention of many casting directors. Brice is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Moroccan Arabic. Brice’s acting is therefore rich in emotions and colours with a great understanding of human beings and how to incarnate them.
  • An important figure in Brice’s life is undeniably his grandfather Hassan El Glaoui, one of the world’s most famous Moroccan painters and son of the last Pasha of Marrakech. Growing up in his workshop had a big impact on Bexter’s passion for the visual art. His uncle, Mehdi El Glaoui, was a renowned child actor in the late 1960s, who played Sebastian in the popular live action show “Belle and Sebastien”. Thanks to this creative and unique universe, Brice has always been sensitive to all forms of arts and cultures which has gifted him with a wonderful empathy that never goes unnoticed. At age 19, Brice moved to NYC, where he attended the New York Film Academy and the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute which allowed him to further develop his natural talent. Brice has made acting his priority since late 2016 after graduating from the prestigious University College London with a BA and MSc in Management, and it paid off!
  • Brice seems to be excelling in almost anything he puts his mind to; smart, kind with amazing work ethic and a real passion for acting this promising young actor is one to watch.

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