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David is an award winning actor, accomplished on stage and screen – he recently starred in a lead role of ‘Adam’ in the successful British film, ‘Destination Dewsbury’ (2019) (Which he co-wrote) and has just finished playing the lead of ‘Justin’ in the highly successful 5 star rated play, ‘Past Tents’ (which he also co-wrote). He has also appeared in numerous adverts, including EE/BT Sports, TFL, Swinton Insurance, Phillips and Asylum Aid.
His theatre credits include Shakespeare’s ‘Richard II’, ‘Twelfth Night’ and Marlowe’s ‘Edward II’ as well as more contemporary plays like ‘1 in 3’ where he received huge critical acclaim.
David is a versatile actor who loves what he does, always easy to work with, always happy to go the extra mile and never afraid to take risks He is also an award winning screenwriter in his spare time.

David’s Spotlight Page

Critical feedback on David Keogh:
Past Tents:
” ***** David J. Keogh is excellent as the slightly over-enthusiastic and annoyingly calm character. He has brilliant timing and great line delivery. He creates a character which makes you, as an audience member, want to know more about him as you wonder why he is living as he is. Some great lines are added to by his mannerisms enhancing the comedy or tragedy of the piece”.
Destination Dewsbury:
Twelfth Night

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