Delly Allen

Delly Allen was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. At an early age she started attending various dance classes and later concentrated on ballet. She became part of the Bulgarian version of the popular American show “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?” at the age of 12 and this awakened her passion to be in front of camera. After her screen debut as a TV host it the successful Bulgarian feature film “Operation: ‘Shmenti Capelli'”, she was cast as Ana, the lead female in the feature film about the Bulgarian hero Vasil Levski, “Dyakon Levski”. The movie premiered in Bulgaria in 2015 and received an award for best cast. “Dyakon Levski” was also shown in Cannes, where it received the award for best historical movie based on a true story.

Delly also starred in the independent thriller “Lords of destiny” and the drama feature shot with the support of Millennium Films “Bar Tricks”. Her latest project is the Free Dolphin International and Fontana action adventure TV movie “Crystal Inferno”, starring Claire Forlani and Jamie Bamber. The movie will premiere in 2017

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