Elsa Nori

Elsa was born in France. She was raised by her mother and adoptive father, both photographers and entered a Photography school in Paris before moving to a Fine Art school in the Netherlands. After her two degrees and just enough money to survive, she started an adventurous 2 year trip to Asia and documented it with her little Fuji X10. Photography has always enabled Elsa to set the stage with various characters.

In 2015, after a tragic event, she decided to come back to Paris to study drama in Studio Pygmalion.

With her unusual background and life experiences, Elsa has developed her own universe and has played the lead characters in many short dramas such as « Hookworm » which has been selected in Chelmsford film festival 2018, has recently been playing Lianne, a femme fatale in a comedy TV pilot as well a  small scene opposite James Buckley in the comedy Zapped.
She also has been singing for the runway of Longchamp and the prestigious “French Antique Wedding” brand and is now developing her own music project.