Fleur De Wit

Fleur grew up in a trilingual household in Singapore and Brussels and speaks English, French and Dutch to a native standard. She moved to England alone to read Classics at Oxford before training at East 15 with Andrea Brooks. She’s now based in London.

She is a trained singer with a distinctive, highly emotional singing voice.

 Her languages and musical ear help Fleur authentically portray characters from a range of cultures. She’s been cast as French, Dutch and Swiss-French characters in adverts and corporate films for Concur Travel and HSBC, and she’s done voiceover work in Dutch for Microsoft, Korean Air and Expedia.

On stage she’s played a private eye in the film noir pastiche ‘America’s Number One Detective Agency’ and Lelani the Dutch temp in LGBT love story ‘Rotterdam.’ Last year she played both French and Flemish characters in ‘The Australian Girl,’ a play set in WWI Belgium, as part of Theatre N16’s military season.

Fleur takes inspiration from the quietly revolutionary art of musicians and visual artists like Janelle Monae and Harmonia Rosales.

Fleur’s Spotlight Page

Photos: Ruth Crafer