Isabelle Schuler

Isabelle Schuler is a Swiss-American actress and writer who now lives in London after having lived and worked in Los Angeles for three years. Prior to that, Isabelle graduated with a BA in Journalism and Classical Liberal Arts. 

Some of Isabelle’s first roles upon moving to London included Jane in musical comedic short film Hots for Shakespeare and the Nurse in a gender-bent Romeo and Juliet (Romea and Julian) as part of the The Vaults festival. Isabelle then went on to play the role of Romea in a longer run at the Bread and Roses. 

Isabelle’s writing debut short film, Baby Steps – a film loosely based on Sonnet 66 – was a finalist at the Shakespeare Film Festival and screened at Crossing the Screen Festival in 2018. The film is now being broadcast online by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in an exhibition along with other works exploring Shakespeare through film. 

Isabelle is also a composer both on piano and ukulele and is in the middle of a musical composition quest to write a song for each of Shakespeare’s sonnet. The project is called From Sonnet to Song, and she is up to Sonnet 120. She also produced a video series for From Sonnet to Song – Women’s Month – celebrating the beautiful diversity of women in London through Shakespeare and music. 

Outside of making Shakespeare more accessible through music and film, Isabelle is drawn to adaptations of familiar stories, told from a different perspective. She is currently developing a feature film based on a 12th century folktale condemning female curiosity, and turning the story on its head to show that without curious women, terribly people will continue to do terrible things. Isabelle is also currently pitching her first TV show with producer Allison Powell, about a well-known Scottish Queen from the 11th century.

When not writing or acting, Isabelle can be found running, cycling around London, riding horses, drinking tea, or reading as much new fiction as she can get her hands on. 

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