Jasper Molander

Jasper is a Swedish actor and began his training in Stockholm at Calle- Flygare Theatre Academy. He studied a year of performance- making at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts – WAAPA in Perth, before he enrolled at the International School of Screenacting in 2018. Starting out as a singer and musician Jasper’s transfer to stage came through being cast in the Swedish productions of The Sound of Music and Return to the Forbidden Planet when he was 17Jasper worked professionaly as a self- employed magician for six years, but has always pursued acting as a main focus. Having done martial arts and a lot of stage/ screencombat including unarmed, broadsword, rapier, knife and gunhandling – Jasper landed a role in a jousting reenactment group called The Knights of Royal England whom he performs with regularly as a knight marshall. Jasper is a keen horse rider and has strong skills in skiing, water skiing and anything to do with a deck of cards.

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