Jel Djelal

Jel Djelal is a martial arts specialist, with over 20 year’s experience in numerous disciplines. Born and  based in North London with a Turkish background ,Jel is an actor comfortable in many genres – predominantly action, but also known for more serious roles, and even comedy. Full on ‘hard-man’, loveable rogue or regular family man – these are just some of the roles Jel takes on with ease. What sets Jel apart is his fighting abilities. He is a Black Belt 2nd Dan martial Arts in Taekwondo, Hapkido and Kook Su Won. He used to teach Freestyle Kickboxing and has studied Muay Thai Boxing for 12 years at the highest level from Thailand to the UK. Jel has been training for ten years as a method actor and still continues to study from master classes to workshops. He will always immerse himself into the role in question, to ensure the very best performance. Jel’s role in Unborn Justice led to a red carpet event at the BAFTA’s and being a nominee for Best Breakout Action Star. Unborn Justice, was one of Jel’s recent triumphs, being well received at The Cannes Film Festival. Jel Djelal displayed his cross-over talents here, being one of the main actors and fight choreographer, which has led him to star in feature films. He has recently been cast in a British drama series in its third year on Netflix which will be aired in 2019.

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