Joanna Ignaczewska

Joanna Katarzyna Julia Ignaczewska was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1984, and started acting professionally in 1999.In 2003 Joanna auditioned and was accepted to Acting Academy in Warsaw where she studied acting for two years. After she studied in the renowned and prestigious Lee Strasberg Actors Studio. She furthered her acting studies at New York University and New School University.Joanna moved to London in 2008, and has been based there ever since, continuing to build her career in the industry. She has been involved in over 100 productions to date,mostly film and television, but also theatre, commercials and short films. Joanna played many roles in BBC series, where her roles were seen by millions of people. She plays the lead role in the feature film Scopia Effect, a psychological thriller, which brought her her first acting nomination during The British Film Festival.

In addition to her acting work, Joanna also leads masterclasses and workshops with the London Film Academy and at film festivals throughout the UK. Joanna is fluent in Polish, English and German. When not on set, she likes relaxing in an active way, and enjoys yoga and running, having completed the London Marathon in 2010, as well as traveling and water sports. Joanna says about herself that she is a workaholic and nothing gives her more happiness and joy than acting.

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