Korrina Dunton

Korrina was born in Australia but has adopted England as home.

She had a career in broadcasting behind the scenes in Post Production, but unleashed a life-long desire to perform when she trained as an actor, so can now be seen in front of the camera rather than behind it.

City Lit was where it all began doing numerous courses including the Foundation in Drama, before graduating from East 15 Drama School with an MA in Acting.

Bringing believable emotion to a scene plays to her strengths; a skill she learnt studying Stanislavski’s emotion memory technique at City Lit.

Korrina can master accents convincingly and did voice work on a Spanish Disney film called Tini, where she performed ADR in an American-Italian accent.

Plays include Lunatic and Bloke by American Writer and Director Whit Hertford.  In Bloke, her tragic character Velvet was bought to life during some painful, but often funny moments, where clowning and comic timing skills were drawn upon.

TV performances include Dr Who Adventures in Time and Space playing a teacher, and in Autopsy Anna Nicole-Smith, she played Anna’s doctor Khristine Eroshevich.

In the feature film WWZ she played a zombie who had been attacked in the shower so performed commando, but when the audience classification changed, her bits and pieces were not to be seen so her modesty was preserved.

For entertainment she enjoys going to stand-up and concerts, and is a regular at any Curzon to see some good film.  She can’t get enough history (especially Medieval), so regularly visits historical sites.

With a keen interest in nutrition a healthy diet is on the menu, and swimming, body surfing and water skiing are her favourite sports, even in the cold British sea.

Korrina is a British and Australian national.

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