Kwame Amoah Mensah

Of Ghanaian decent, born in the Netherlands and raised in Manchester, Kwame Amoah-Mensah is a Freelance multimedia journalist by trade and actor and model by expression.   Having always watched film from an infant and being enticed by the creative opulence and opportunity of cinema. He decided 12 months ago to stop being a participant and get involved and be part of the process of film-making and become an actor. Taking those steps away from the comfort of the audience, changed his life, and he looks to continue for it do so through this art. 


Having lived and had a very nomadic and diverse life, he always looks to keep on learning as life has taught him to always do so. 

In his spare time, he likes to read, play chess, work out and get in the boxing ring for a healthy spar. In addition, he loves being in the kitchen, cooking, and getting creative so if you are around him long enough, you will definitely have your belly full. He’s an extrovert who will definitely say hello to you first so don’t be surprised when you are in the same space as him.