Laila Pyne

Laila is an American Actress as well as a voice over artist here in the UK.  She is an established member of the VO scene since 2009 and a graduate of The Method Studio drama school, she has proved to have an enormous range in accents and ethnicities. She might be American but she is born of Jamaican and Moroccan parents, giving her an international base and an unusual understanding of many US-ethnic sounds compared to most US talent over here. Due to her international upbringing in countries as diverse as The Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, the US and the UK she has experienced many different cultures and views. Coupled with her degree in Sociology from UC Santa Barbara you have an actress who can get inside the heads of many different characters.

Her first ever video game,  ‘Aliens vs. Predator’,  “became the fastest-selling game of 2010 in the UK and a number one hit for SEGA” (  As well as voicing ‘Corporal Tequila’ for the iconic Aliens vs Predator franchise, she has also done voices for  ‘Driver:San Francisco’,  ‘Forza Horizon’, Star Wars: Battlefront”, “Homefront the Revolution”, and “Mirros Edge”.    Chuggington US, The Crew,  and Moshi Monsters are among some of her non gaming credits.

She is now bicoastal, having moved back from Los Angeles after a successful pilot season where she worked on 3 pilots, two plays, and a feature film. She is SAG eligible and a long standing member of equity.

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