Liv Austen

Liv Austen is a British/Norwegian actress who has spent time in both Norway and Belgium, but is now permanently based in London. A remarkable grip on languages (fluent Norwegian as well as a high level of French and Swedish) has landed her many a voice over job, and most notably on screen, the role of multilingual “Synth” (AI robot) Gloria on the hit TV show Humans (Channel 4/ABC). Liv’s performance received high praise from the show’s creators, Jonathan Brackley and Sam Vincent. “That’s not ADR, by the way. She was actually speaking all of those languages! She’s also a singer-songwriter. She’s very talented. She’s one of the best guest Synths we’ve ever had. She gives it a wonderfully spooky feel. It really brings that story into sharp relief.


Liv released her debut album A Moment Of Your Time in 2018, and her fan base is growing by the day. She writes her own music and also writes for other artists. She plays piano and guitar, both at a high level. In the last couple of years, four of her singles have been played on BBC Radio 2. She travels all around the UK performing with her band, under her own name.


She loves being active and attends fitness classes daily, and is an experienced yogi. She is also a certified fitness instructor. Liv loves combat scenes and has qualifications from the Academy of Performance Combat in unarmed combat, knife, sword and rapier and dagger to name a few.

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