Livia Sardao

Livia was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and has been living and studying in London for the past 7 years, after a life changing season in Italy. She has Italian background from her mother’s family and her father is Spanish, making Livia what is called a “Pan-European” actor, along with her South American origins.
Livia studied Classical drama and Stanislavsky technique back in Brasil at the renamed Nilton Travessos Academy. In London, she studied The Method at Brian Timothy Studios and is currently enrolled at the ongoing AMAW masterclass.
In Brazil, Livia worked mainly in Theatre, taking active part in three different theatre groups. Performing children’s plays, Classical pieces such as Medea and Romeo and Juliet and contemporary pieces such as “Deus ex Machina”.
Drawn to London to explore Shakespeare’s theatre, she started to discover and fall in love with film sets. Her recent work on screen includes Anonymosity, Killing Oswalf, Whatch Not, Frozen.
In the past 7 years in London, Livia has also been dedicated to the development of her artistry in other areas such as writing and directing.
Her current projects are the foundation of The Chronic Love Dispensary and she is developing a series of Short movie scripts along with her first Screenplay.

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