Louise Larsen

Louise Larsen is a Danish actress, however, born and raised in Dubai until her early teens, she grew up with a unique worldly perspective. 

After Graduating from The Copenhagen International School of Performing Arts, CISPA, with a bachelor’s degree in 2019, she moved to London later that year to pursue an International Career. 

Louise has since found commercial work, including a collaboration with Mercedes.
She’s Adapted and performed the Character ‘Sissy Jupe’ from Hard Times, by Charles Dickens alongside Director Keith Lim at Illotron Theater.
And has found herself landing a lead role in a Fantasy Feature Film to be produced later this year. 

Louise is fluent in both Danish and English. She’s very active, training yoga and dance as she sees her movement research is a big part of her craft. She’s an advanced Horse rider, holds a scuba diver and car Licence.