Lucy Garner

Lucy is a creative in every sense of the word.  She has a deep lust for learning and continues with her training at every opportunity – believing there is always something new to learn, uncover and discover.

“There is always room to learn something new and see things from a different perspective to make the job of an actor and of a human being easier and more fulfilling.”

She is an advocate for authentic story-telling and passionate about raising awareness  through the arts – via drama or comedy – to help bring real life issues to the surface when they need more understanding and attention.

“If people can understand, maybe they would be a little kinder to each other. “

Aside from acting, she is a designer, stylist, music lover, Lindy Hopper, cook, experimenter of recipes and grower of cottage garden flowers. In her spare time she loves to be surrounded by nature.

Lucy is a team player and, once on board, brings a unique energy to every project. Always keen to go the extra mile; her enthusiasm, attention to detail and commitment is second to none.

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