Maja Bloom

Maja Bloom is a trilingual actress (English, Polish and French) and singer and songwriter based in London.

She has trained in Poland (Wroclaw) and London, and is also fluent in German and Spanish, while her family lives in Poland and France.
She has experience on stage, several movies and corporate projects, as well as modelling for fashion and art publications
She regularly performs with her jazz band all over the UK and abroad, including shows for Prince Harry and Prince of Jaipur,  and also completed funding an EP of her original songs via PledgeMusic (in 2018).
She has recently finished her first big hollywood feature, and also trained as a presenter hoping to combine it with her passion for travelling.
She is a keen swimmer and has hiked above 2000 m since the age of 5,, and is a keen horse-rider always happy to work with animals and nature.