Marta Da Silva

Marta is a multilingual actress and performer who has been part of a wide array of stage productions. These include David Ireland’s “The Hen Night” as Alejandra, Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale” as King Polixenes, “Henry V” as Capt. Fluellen, “All’s Well that Ends Well” as the Fool Lavatch and the Widow; Jane Austen in “Jane Austen’s Forgotten Stories”, The Actress in Lorca’s “Play Without a Title”, and Julie Rodgers in “Pizza Man” by Darlene Craviotto.

Born in Madrid, raised between Spain and Portugal, and educated at a British school, she moved to Glasgow in the fall of 2012 to train at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She graduated with merit on November 2013.

Marta is a fluent speaker of several languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. She also currently studies Japanese.

Always looking for new opportunities to expand her skill set, she continues her training in V.O and Performance Capture for games.

After successfully auditioning and being accepted into RADA’s prestigious “Acting Shakespeare” in 2014, she founded Starbound Theatre, which staged its second full length production in September 2018 and received great reviews and audience feedback.

Besides acting Marta enjoys d&d, gaming, photography, music, baking, reading, and travel.

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