Melina Demir

Melina was born in Munich and went to 11 different schools in 7 different cities all around Germany. Due to her grandparents (both opera singers), she was introduced to the theatre at the age of 7 and found a new home onstage. Ironically acting became the only constant in her inconsistent lifestyle. During that time she acted in a couple of Shakespeare’s plays and at the age of 14 she played the lead role in Shakespeare’s “Tempest”at the “Bavarian State’s Theatre”.

After her A-levels she studied Meisner Technique at William Esper Studio, NYC under Terry Knickebocker.
After graduation she moved to Istanbul to discover more about her Turkish/Kurdish roots (father’s side) and studied literature and psychology at Koc University.
She lived in Turkey for a couple of years and then decided to pursue acting in Germany where she lived for about a year and acted in two soap operas ; “Schicksale” and “Der Blaulichtreport”. During that time she started to fall in love with filmmaking and directing as well and conceptualised and directed a couple of fashion¬†photoshoots.
She has been London based since October 2017.