Peter Stewart Kelbie

Scots born actor/scriptwriter Peter Stewart – Kelbie was born in Aberdeen in the new year, 1963, he was educated in Aberdeenshire, and also in Banff, and was in care throughout his childhood.
Peter was born into a very well – known Scottish Romany gypsy family, this culture and way of life, lost it’s roots however only a few former care clients make it into the acting profession.
He was inspired to change his career to method acting in 1991 and  he joined  the South London Drama centre for a course in stage & screen workshops directed by Toni Arthur, he was part of a very large drama student group performing in public acting workshops included performing open air performances of Shakespeare’s works
He was soon signed to a London agent while training in method acting Toni Arthur was directing musical’s she was also a BBC TV Presenter therefore  practical on set training in Preaching To The Perverted secured the role of Sgt Hamish Reid in Distant Bridges 1914/18.
Lots of stage work followed for the Royal British Legion in London.  He was highly trained on set as a driver in a number of films made in London while being cast as a Detective he was deeply inspired by the late actor Don Henderson and Actor Tom Bell and the late Actor & friend Mark McManus to get success from method acting.
He  is a Scottish based in Dumfries.