Sabine Kviste

Sabine is a Latvian actress with Russian and Ukrainian roots. She moved to UK at the age of 16 to explore her sudden curiosity for acting. While studying, she discovered her passion for fitness and with her rebellious nature became interested in bodybuilding and martial arts. It didn`t take her long to find a way to merge both together and started weapon training. After years of ‘blood, sweat and tears’ (and a few distinctions later), she’s now effortless in broadsword, quarterstaff, rapier and dagger, swashbuckling and unarmed combat.

The best acting and life lessons came from her 6-month travel around the world, where she discovered the importance of living life authentically and unapologetically. Upon returning she signed up to Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop and still to this day practises her craft weekly. “We can never stop learning. All souls are creative, I just know that mine, certainly wants to be a storyteller.”, says Sabine.

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