Alessia Cardarelli

Born and raised in Italy, Alessia is an eclectic London based actress with an avid passion for cinema and storytelling.

During her childhood, she spent most of her free time writing stories and playing them out whenever possible. Growing up, Alessia channelled her effervescent creativity in a number of different projects, while also contuinuing to intellectually expand through courses, workshops, and collaborations. Eventually, Alessia decided to follow her passions and trained at two major drama schools in Rome, while also attending university.

After a B.A. in Film and Digital Media and having trained and worked as an actress both in English and in Italian, Alessia moved to London to pursue her career and graduated from the International School of Screen Acting in 2017.

Throughout the years, she has worked on a variety of projects, both on screen and on stage, including the internationally acclaimed Italian feature film “Non Essere Cattivo” (“Don’t be Bad”), by Claudio Caligari. Alessia is also a writer and a film maker; she has won Best Production Values for her short film “Oil and Water”, which she wrote, co directed, starred in and co edited, and two poetry awards.

Alessia has many interests and hobbies, including psychology, ethology, drawing, videogaming, and cooking; she also has experience in training and handling dogs. Alessia has recently completed James Kemp’s first level course on Character Analysis and Movement Psychology based on the work of Yat Malmgren.

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