Jamie Kooij

Jamie Kooij is a Dutch born actor based in London who brings confidence and heart to every role she takes.  Starting at the age of 19 Jamie was cast in a Dutch Feature Film ’Scars’, which was nominated for the CIFF DC Indepent Film Festival (Washington) and winner 2015 of West Virginia Film Festival. Before her move to England she produced, and starred in a show called DARE, which ended up being a massive succes, capturing the hearts of people in Amsterdam and Holland wide. Having trained at ALRA – North, the move to London was the next logical step to begin a serious career. Since graduating, Jamie has worked as an actor for Japanese Television, Easyjet and Heineken to name but a few.

Jamie is passionate about challenging roles in front of the camera or on stage, where she has the opportunity to push the edges of her dramatic and comedic range. From cute girl next door to bolshy femme fatal, Jamie Kooij posses’ an energy and commitment that will make a lasting impression.