Kelsey Ellison

Kelsey was born in Barnsley, South Yorkshire and is now located in London. As a young child she became withdrawn after having surgery to remove her right eye due to retinoblastoma, but after showing confidence in dance, she was taken to lessons and hasn’t looked back since. She went on to be granted a scholarship to train at SLP College Leeds, where she graduated with a Trinity Diploma in Musical Theatre, along with “Most Promising Performer” award from David Needham.

While studying at SLP, Kelsey also started to gain traction on her YouTube channel where she posted dancing, singing and vlogs. This then expanded to other social media such as Instagram and to this day she still creates content around performances, LGBTQ life, disability and fashion. She currently has a total of 600,000 followers online. 

Kelsey has strengths in all aspects of performing from acting, dancing and singing. She played a Wormwood child in Solo: A Star Wars Story (small speaking role), has supported Drag Queen Shangela as a dancer (ESDR Bristol Pride) and recent stage work includes playing Ollie Walker in the Cloak and Dagger Tour (London).

One of her recent achievements includes producing her first short film based in the world of Harry Potter. The film has gained over 7 million views organically and won “Best Film” award, voted for by the fans in “The Leaky Cauldron Awards.” 

She has also been previously signed to SYPM records where she performed as a solo artist and song writer, and is currently working on her own solo music career along with acting and dancing.

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