Rebecca Margerrison

A recent graduate from Italia Conti’s BA (Hons) Acting Degree, Rebecca has spent the past three years honing her craft and gaining a wide range of experience in dance, singing, and armed/ unarmed stage combat. Here she played a variety of roles which include Katherine in Taming of the Shrew, the Telephone Girl in Machinal, and Betty Lovell in Red Velvet. Rebecca’s most recent role was in Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again. by Alice Birch where she multi-rolled various different women portraying important feminist issues.

Rebecca is a Yorkshire lass who grew up in the very beautiful and idyllic village of Harthill. Thus, started her love for wildlife and the outdoors, in many baby photos, she is pictured with a variety of farm animals, including her pet goose, Gabriel. She is a competent skier, snowboarder, and ice skater. A strong passion of hers is motorbikes and MotoGP, and she can often be seen hanging off the back of her dad’s Ducati at the weekend (but only in dry conditions). Rebecca first started karate at five years old, and after many years of training achieved her brown belt. She had to stop her training whilst she attended drama classes and drama school. However, she is determined to gain her black belt and is now training in five classes each week. Rebecca has recently joined The Sherwood Archers after completing their beginners course and is training every weekend with her one on one tutor. She has strong ambitions to become a Grand Master Bowman and win some archery competitions.

Rebecca loves adventure and traveling to new places, as she enjoys meeting new people, experiencing different cultures, and eating great food. From the age of three, Rebecca expressed interest in the stage and acting. She joined numerous drama groups culminating in the Pomegranate Youth Theatre where she performed a variety of roles ranging from Dick Whittington to Snowball in Animal Farm. It was also here where she helped teach Saturday morning classes for the younger age groups and where she hopefully injected her enthusiasm for drama and Shakespeare.

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