Stanislas Brodart

Stanislas Brodart is a Belgian actor.

He always wanted to travel and came into the UK to learn the language and live out his acting dream.

He comes from an artistic family and went on stage at a very young age, accompanying his mother who is an opera singer and comedian.

Since then he studied improv and theatre under the guidance of Catherine Demaiffe, a French actress, and then went to continue studying  theatre, but also puppetry, writing, dance and performance at the Conservatoire Royale of Mons.

He made his first appearance on screen in a Polish film directed by Marek Brodzki (first AD of Steven Spielberg on “Schindler’s List”).

While continuing to work on a variety of projects, like the play “Cactus” that he wrote himself and which is touring in Belgium, he eventually turned his attention to screen acting and applied to the International School of Screen Acting in London, based in 3 Mills Studios.

Alongside his acting career, Stanislas has always pursued a strong physicality. He trained as a hip- hop dancer, took part in some European dance battles and explored a wide spectrum of dance styles like break dance, voging, Capoeira and contemporary. On top of that, he knows his way around gymnastics and tumbling as well as being comfortable in horse riding.

Stan trained in screen combat with fighting directors Sam Khan, Ronin Traynor, Keith Wallice and Philip d’Orléans and passed his Fighting for Film exams focusing on broadsword, knife, unarmed, mass battle and hero fights. He passed with a distinction in unarmed fighting

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